A few words for big dreams.

After some thought, I’ve decided to give it a break here. Without a deadline but for at least the next year or so, I’m going to need to retract and renounce being the author of this blog. 

Tumblr has been such a good platform to share and reach so easily all parts of the world, but I’ve come to a few realisation. This year will influence and provide light into the beginning of my future. It also is the year I will turn a year old with the two most influential numbers. With that in mind I’ve decided that I really wanted to discover the essence of who I am to be able to establish myself as an individual when the time comes. Thus with this new-found need, I’ve decided that it was best to rid myself of so much social acceptance. I have big dreams and big plans for the future that are only waiting for prosecution, and as I’ve been waiting for some for as long as I can remember, I want and need to go about them in a way that is solely for myself. I want to know how to be proud of myself before anyone else reminds me. And i want to be able to go about things and enjoy them without being attracted to share everything socially. 

So for the time being, this is my time.

So I’ve decided to start; a thought- a day at 8pm.

I remember right here, 8am,  I couldn’t help wonder the thousands of rooftops, hundreds of windows that all lead into an apartment, someone’s personal domain, and all it’s people that were rising ready to execute or those who just dozed off or the dog waiting to go on it’s morning walk and just to all those thinking about other people’s life wondering what it is like for them on this tuesday morning.

Anonymous asked: Do you live in France now? Or do you get to travel alone? Lucky you

Nope I still live in Malaysia. Yes undeniably grateful, that i travelled around this summer but I had to see so many people that I barely had time alone, times where I was on my own was in Paris. 

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It was one of the things I was set on, to watch the sunrise upon the city.

It was like the movies, there were just no cameras.

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little details.

Watching Paris fall asleep.